Sunday, 31 January 2016

Visual Mihi

The beginning of the year is upon us, and with Waitangi Day falling within the first couple of weeks I plan to spend that time getting to know my new class in a variety of ways.

I was really impressed with a colouring 'Hei Mihi' originally created by Dorothy Hutton.

I then went away and created a digital copy, which I have shared on NZ Teachers (Primary) for others to access.  You can download a copy here.

As most of my students have limited verbal abilities, this is a great way to include Te Reo into our classroom programme.

I also really like Leigh Hynes idea incorporating Google Maps to identify the students maunga and awa while creating a Digital Mihi.  She has created a great instructional video which you can see here.

Finally, I would also like to include this idea to bind us all together.  I'll post a picture of our classes creation.